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Carol offers curated one on one programs, especially responding to the needs of each client. She works with all the techniques she has been initiated & trained for: Transformational Bodywork Therapy, Amanae - Kundalini Rebirth –  Trauma therapy – Chakras Healing – Shamanism – Classic western psycho-analysis & psychology – Base of Nutrition & life cycles.

> ADVANTAGE OF A PERSONAL PROGRAM: Carol will specially design a program for you, along with practices & steps for you (or your couple), serving your specific intention, issue, and/or healing, and goal.


>>>> Sessions are individual or open for Couple Therapy


We define your intention & objective wether it is a diet, a work goal, or a personal achievment; in order to design a step by step program toward the realisation of the desired intention.


This process can bring some memories back to release the vital energy that has been blocked by unprocessed experiences…
Healing does not mean we are «sick», it means bringing back inside what was separated, rejected, rehabilitates the vital energy by allowing an integration of our life experience, in self love, self acceptance in order to reach the maximum of our potential to live fully our life.


Designed to firstly calm down and rebalance the nervous system, learn how to heal and deal with traumas in daily life so they do not take over conscious choices. And then move to intention and manifestation of your intention.



We will define the issues, obstacles and/or intention. Improve the communication within the couple, so it is elevating, compassionate, effective and bounding. Sexual issues are welcome and can be addressed and solved.

" This first session made me discover a place within myself, a deep place where I AM, in a very pure way, a healing source that is there to be explored. Carol guides you with her own unique mix of power and gentleness. You feel welcome to be yourself, safe and able to welcome yourself within. It is not easy to put into words such an intense experience, involving all of our bodies and our souls. Love "

- Veronica

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