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Carol Issa, the journey Beyond

Self Awareness - Yoga & Philosophy - Hollistic Healing - Art

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" More than a teacher... An inspiration! "

- Camille, Paris.

" It is with Carol that I understood that Yoga was above all a quality of presence. I am eager to join the next immersion and receive your new, incredibly rich teaching. "

- Morganne.

"The retreat with Carol was so good. The Yoga practice was amazing and the space she holds is strong and nourishing. The whole week was expansive and I had an opportunity to really come back to myself and this is what I went there for.
Her talks are beautiful and filled with so much knowledge.
I was so grateful being able to sit there, coming from a busy life as a yoga teacher and a mom
Goa is amazing, the place is so good with the nature, the beach, the people and the food. So go to goa and see you there!" Danielle from US

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