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Carol Issahas been giving annual retreats since 2012, in India and Europe.


Her retreats are Self-transformational Journeys, using The Issa Method, an effective method for Self-Awareness, merging the ancient Wisdom of spirituality & healing technologies, in order to be able to apply them into our daily life & relationships


Each of her retreats evolve around the experience of a specific theme.
Some of her latest retreats: “Trust in uncertain times, Art of keeping Grace in Transitions, Self love, Presence, Keeping Up & Letting go, Intimacy, the 5 obstacles of the mind to happiness” etc 


Carol’s retreats includes the Yoga practices of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Jivamukti 
& Kundalini Yoga (2 sessions a day during retreats), shamanic breathwork & rebirth, daily study of ancient sacred scriptures & modern philosophy, psychology & self inquiry, healing, therapy & coaching guidance, meditation & dance. 



It offers a safe space to dive deeper into your inner work, your personal awareness & potential, your needs and desired intentions. It is also a chance to deepen your personal Yoga practice & knowledge, while relaxing and sharing quality time with a mindful heart centered community.

We promise to compassionately poke, provoke & confront your limitations, conditioning & beliefs blocking your personal expansion. And uplift you for healing and reaching your highest potential, while providing tools & habits, enhancing a new way of living & able to relate fully to life.


"This is my 4th retreat with Carol.  Carol manages to transmit a lot of deep knowledge and make it easily accessible, always with a big touch of humor. She gives us incredible tools to be able to move forward in life with confidence. And even after attending 4 of her retreats, I always understand another deeper layer of Awareness; the teachings are finer and subtler.

For all this and for helping me move forward on my path, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for bringing and sharing so much and all you learned and experienced; with such a true, human, impactful touch."


Past Reatreats

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